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The Treatment

The facial treatment in my clinic consists of a combination of several methods, emphasizing the treatment of imperfections such as spots (pigmentation), wrinkles, small creases and cleansing. 

At the end of the treatment you will leave with a fresh, pleasant-to-the-touch skin, which was revitalized with rejuvenation and refinement. 

A combination of paramedical facial treatment, including the use of innovative, German-made equipment, and products based on nanotechnology, which encourages the production of collagen, elastin, rejuvenate the skin and make it firmer.

In addition, in treating I practice the tenets of traditional Chinese medicine – analyzing the body and face according to Chinese medicine meridians and energetics, and building a treatment system that includes much more than an ordinary, run-of-the-mill facial treatment.  

The comprehensive perspective of body and soul helps me achieve better, dipper and more correct results, which is uniquely suited to the patient's skin.

The treatment is pleasant, varies according to the skin and the patient's requirements, and also includes also lymphatic massages that encourage blood and oxygen circulation in the small capillaries in the skin.

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