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My Method

The Skin Whisperer

In the 12 years I have worked as a beautician, I've learned a great deal from experience. I've discovered that there are many types of cosmetics and beauticians.


In the treatment, I aspire to achieve a clean and fresh skin. This comes as a result of the correct use of quality compounds, which dissolve comedones ("blackheads") and dirt, as opposed to squeezing the skin and creating a trauma.


During the treatment, I let the skin "talk" to me. I examine it and give it as much time that it needs to process the treatment. Some faces "submit" to the treatment and the change is quickly evident. In other cases, the skin is more stubborn and I "talk" to it patiently, gently and persistently.

The Transformation

For me, nothing is more exciting than watching the change occur. With some women I can already see, during the first treatment, the wrinkles straightening and the skin texture becoming more even and healthy. When that happens, both the patient and I come out of the treatment thrilled.


In order to achieve a significant change, a few sessions are usually required, but the change always comes. Even the most stubborn facial skin would benefit, at the end of the process, from impressive results and will look fresh, healthy and vital. I don’t take all the credit for this work; the patient and I work together throughout the healing process in order to achieve results.

A balanced and relaxed skin is a healthy and beautiful skin


From my experience, I've created a combination of wining methods that work like a charm. Through proper discretion, the use of correct products and appropriate equipment – we will see results.

I've experienced using numerous and various products and explored many methods of treatment, and I can tell you that the market is inundated with countless products and materials. Some are better, some are not as good, and some are a mere gimmick.  

I am aware that this world can be hectic and confusing and that's why I espouse knowledge. Knowledge is a power that allows us to make the right decision. 

Both of Us Together

In the course of the treatment I include my patient in each and every step. The patient comes out of the treatment more aware of the procedures her skin is undergoing and the reasons it reacts the way it does, and she needs to do in order to help it.

My passion is to treat a skin not at its best, with pigmentation and tired (not to say wrinkled, god forbid…) and to bring it to a state of being amazing, even, alive, beautiful and fresh!  

I invite you to experience a pain free, pampering, relaxing facial treatment and to experience the regeneration.

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